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96 Bitter Beings "Camp Pain" cd pre-order

by 96 Bitter Beings

$25.00 / Sold Out

a lot of you were unaware of the campaign that went on in 2016 to raise money to record 2 albums: CAMP PAIN is the album that will only be available to the contributors of the campaign and SYNERGY RESTORED will be released publicly for the entire world. people that contributed $25 or more will receive full band autographed cds of CAMP PAIN in a strictly limited one time only pressing. their names will also be listed in the covers of BOTH albums as a huge thank you from us for helping us make these records possible. Songs that will be featured on CAMP PAIN include "90 Car Pile-up", "On and On and On and On and On", an amazing cover of MJ's "Beat It", "Still Unstable, Still at Large" and many more. the CAMP PAIN album is very diverse in sounds and experimentation and jumps from genre to genre...making it quite a unique piece of work. CAMP PAIN will be mixed in August and if all goes well, cds will begin shipping by early September. This pre-order will hopefully resolve the issue we have been having about fans missing out on the original campaign and still want the chance to contribute and receive the private cd. you can order as many copies you would like even if you have already contributed to the campaign. for overseas fans, we have tried to keep the postage as low as possible, but these are simply the prices the USPS is charging these days...not only are they outrageously expensive but they are also always increasing. PHOTOS COMING SOON...AND THANK YOU FOR HELPING US ACHIEVE OUR CREATIVE GOALS!!