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CKY World Under Blood "Tactical" debut cd 9 tracks Nuclear Blast

by World Under Blood and CKY


highly anticipated and finally released in 2011, World Under Blood features Deron Miller (vocals, bass, keys, guitar), Tim Yeung (keys, drums), Luke Jaeger (guitars), and production and guest solos by James Murphy. featuring 8 tracks of blistering death metal and a cover of Megadeth's WAKE UP DEAD, WUB's debut album "Tactical" sold 1,000 copies in its first week of release and hit the top 30 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. Amazing artwork created by the sick minds of Par Ollofson and Travis Smith. pick this one up autographed and at a low price!
1. A God Among The Waste
2. Into The Arms Of Cruelty
3. Pyro Compulsive
4. Dead And Still In Pain
5. Purgatory Dormitory
6. Under The Autumn Low
7. I Can't Stand His Name
8. Revere's Tears
9. Wake Up Dead